PT BURLINGTON INDONESIA (“BI”) is a private limited company that specializes in processed chemicals for industrial and institutional cleaning and maintenance purposes. BI provides integrated solutions for cleaning and pollution problems as well as support for maintenance needs (tailoring to client needs to optimize production efficiency, reduce long-term costs, and create a cleaner work environment).

BI is encouraged to achieve results in the right way, namely by operating responsibly, working excellently, implementing innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities.

BI is firm in its commitment to quality products and service excellence to maintain the highest standards of clients. BI continues to explore and experiment to create new products through Research & Development. BI has the infrastructure to expand and support clients globally. In line with BI’s commitment to ensuring quality excellence and environmental sustainability, our products comply with EU-ROHS, ASTM Standard, ISO 14001, relevant GMP or any other Quality & Safety Certifications.